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Restorative Dentistry

If your smile could use some serious restoration, Peachtree Smile Center will give you something to smile about. Our Atlanta dentist, Dr. Babo, offers the following restorative dentistry services:

Fixed Bridges in Peachtree Hills

Why Wait? Our Atlanta Dentist Offers Same-day Services

Many dental patients hesitate to pursue restorative procedures due to the length of time they traditionally take to complete. If you're in that boat, you'll love the fact that our Atlanta dentist offers same-day procedures. All of our restorative dentistry services (with the exception of full denture plates) can be completed within one day.

Our CEREC same-day crowns are a perfect example. The traditional method of preparing a crown requires two dental appointments -- one to prepare the tooth and take physical impressions, followed by weeks of waiting for a lab to create and return the crown, followed by a second appointment to fit the crown into place. CEREC, a digital scanning and computerized fabrication system, lets us perform an exactingly precise 3D scan of the prepared tooth. We then design the crown on a computer program and relay the design to our own milling machine, which fabricates the crown in a matter of minutes. CEREC also helps us create same-day veneers and bridges -- so your wait for a terrific, natural-looking smile is over!

Experience our exciting, time-saving restorative dentistry options for yourself. Contact Peachtree Smile Center today to schedule an appointment so we can determine the most effective way to bring your smile up to your own high standards!