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The Value of Regeular Dental Visits for Children

As an adult, you may take it for granted that you'll be making a couple of trips per year to our Atlanta dentist at Peachtree Smile Center, Dr. Evis Babo. But it might not occur to you that the toddlers or small children in your life require the same scrupulous attention. Good dental pediatrics involve regular visits, not only to check for signs of tooth decay or dental development issues but also so we can provide parents and kids alike with important advice and guidance on how to maintain a healthy mouth for life.

Pediatric Dentistry in Peachtree Hills

Dental care is an issue worth exploring even for the youngest children; kids as young as 2 years of age sometimes present with cavities and other problems. Thumb sucking, ingestion of sugary juices of foods and the everyday challenges facing a new set of baby teeth all make it a good idea to schedule your baby's first trip to the dentist by the age of 1. You can help relieve any fears your child may experience from this first-time experience by having your own teeth examined during the same visit, thus giving the child a chance to see that there's nothing to fear from our Atlanta dentist.

Babies, toddlers and small children love sweet things; unfortunately, indulging this taste can not only lead to early tooth decay, but it can also set a precedent for unhealthy behaviors later in life. Juices may contain healthy vitamins, but they also contain unhealthy levels of sugar and citric acid, both of which can conspire to damage tooth enamel. We can discuss your child's diet with you and help you make tooth-friendly choices for your toddlers.

Tooth brushing is an essential skill for protecting the teeth against these and other harmful substances, but it doesn't necessarily come naturally it's a skill that needs to be learned. Our Atlanta dentist will be happy to show your child how to brush using a mirror while counseling you on how to use games, awards and other encouragements to help make thorough brushing an enjoyable routine. At the same time, we can advise you on practices such as discouraging thumb sucking, the use of fluoride to protect tooth enamel and other best practices,

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Starting with the age-1 visit, we recommend a follow-up visit every 6 months. Procedures such as x-rays don't generally need to be taken unless we see clear signs of decay, but we emphasize basic checkups, cleanings and ongoing dental education as sound, sensible pediatrics. Now that you see the value of scheduling those regular visits to your trusted Atlanta pediatric dentistry center, take action now to give your kids the best hope for happier, healthier mouths. Call Peachtree Smile Center today at 404-620-2810 to schedule a pediatric dental exam for your children, and set the stage for a life of good dental care habits!