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Pediatric Dentistry

As children grow, their teeth play a big role in their development, health and confidence. Primary teeth are temporary, but they affect your child's ability to speak, chew and grow healthy adult teeth later in life. As adult teeth grow in, your child needs help to prevent decay and malformations. Dr. Evis Babo is an experienced Atlanta dentist who cares about protecting your child's smile. She offers a variety of pediatric dentistry services to keep your child's teeth healthy, from checking the progress of primary teeth to protecting adolescent teeth from trauma and decay. Learn more about the services we provide for babies, children and teens at Peachtree Smile Center.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist in Peachtree  Hills

Dental hygiene is an important part of your child's overall wellness, thus regular visits should be part of their childhood. It's important to make the experience feel comfortable and normal for your child. Start your child’s dentist appointments early in order to demonstrate the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. This appointment is your child's first step toward a happy and healthy smile, and it takes place in a light, kid-friendly atmosphere that will be in their lives for years to come. In fact, we welcome families to plan all their dentistry services at Peachtree Smile Center.

Preventative Checkups

Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining good dental hygiene. They allow us to keep track of the progress of primary teeth and prevent adult teeth from decay. We also welcome questions at these bi-annual visits, and we want to know about the diet and hygiene habits that affect your child's everyday oral health.

Your child's pediatric dentistry exams will include the following services:

Dr. Babo will also make sure your child learns proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as the benefits of keeping up with their oral hygiene. Follow her recommendations to maximize the benefits of these comprehensive cleanings (and minimize any oral health problems).

Protecting Your Child's Teeth

Many of our pediatric dentistry patients take advantage of additional services to truly maximize their oral protection. For example, your child may benefit from preventative sealants that make it harder for food particles and acids to cause decay. We apply these clear plastic sealants to the grooves and pits in clean, dry teeth, where they prevent the sources of decay. Mouth guards also prevent damage to the teeth. If your child plays contact sports or grinds their teeth, a custom guard may prevent long-term trauma.

Treating Cavities and Injuries

Our diagnostic and preventative services cannot prevent every oral problem. Accidents, athletic activity, improper brushing techniques, acidic diets and a variety of other factors may cause irreversible tooth damage. At Peachtree Smile Center, our restorative dentistry services are also available for children. We will repair broken teeth, treat the effects of decay and provide full examinations to prevent complications and better understand your child's needs.