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Family Dentistry

t Peachtree Smile Center, LLC, our family dentistry services provide Atlanta residents with the highest quality of care they need. We serve people from all age groups and always provide the most advanced level of care possible. How can our Atlanta dentist help you today?

Family dentist in Peachtree Hills

Prenatal Dentistry Care

The changes happening within your body when you’re pregnant impact your dental health. It’s always important to come in to see our dentist to provide you with proper care that safeguards your smile while also keeping you and your child healthy during the pregnancy. Because your gums are specifically vulnerable to hormonal changes, changing eating habits, and pregnancy complications, we always recommend dental care throughout your pregnancy.

Children Dentistry Services

Our Atlanta dentistry offices provide your children with the solid foundation of dental health they need. We recommend bringing your child in as soon as you like for his or her first checkup, but at least by the time they are two and developing a full set of teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, AAPD recommends children to have their first check up as early as one year old. We’ll provide a full exam, look for any type of dental concerns, and teach your child proper dental hygiene. We also offer sealants that can safeguard your child’s teeth for years to come.

Teen Dental Care

When your child gets a bit older, he or she may develop the need for more advanced dental care. Wisdom teeth, for example, can become a concern. Your wisdom teeth can become impacted or infected as well. Our team offers comprehensive support including wisdom teeth removal services. We’re also able to help your teen with any type of dental care he or she may need over the coming years.

Adult Dental Care

Our Atlanta dentist provides complete adult dental care. This includes your routine exams and cleanings as well as comprehensive dental support for infections, chips, and irritations. Our team can help you with crowns, veneers, and cosmetic whitening options as well. We’ll encourage you to receive dental checkups every six months. And, we’ll ensure your oral health and smile are just what you want them to be.

Senior Dental Care

Family dentistry extends further than just your adult years. As seniors, you may begin to see your teeth wearing down. You may experience more cavities or even loosening of the teeth. Drastic changes in dental health are very common in your 60s and older. We can help you to treat and overcome conditions ranging from dry mouth, tooth loss, dentures, darkened teeth, and exposed roots.