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Dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace natural teeth. There are many reasons that people choose to get dentures in the Atlanta area. Knowing the reasons behind dentures and what dentures can do for you can help you decide whether or not dentures are the right type of dental appliance for your needs. At Peachtree Smile Center in Atlanta, GA, we help educate our patients about the benefits of dentures.

Why Dentures

Dentures help in a variety of ways! For people who are missing teeth or who have unhealthy painful teeth, dentures can give you the look and feel of real teeth, without the pain or discomfort. Dentures help patients by allowing them to:

Types of Dentures

At Peachtree Smile Center in Atlanta, we provide three different types of dentures to meet our patients needs.

Common Myths about Dentures

Dentures are often misunderstood by many people in the community. Below are a few common misconceptions that people have about dentures:

  1. People can tell when you're wearing dentures. Dentures are made to look just like natural teeth! Most people cannot tell dentures from real teeth.
  2. Dentures make eating difficult. Patients that get dentures will have to adjust to eating with them otherwise we can add implants to the process to secure the dentures in place.
  3. Dentures simplify life again. At Peachtree Smile Center, we improve the quality of life for those in need of dentures in Atlanta! We'll help you have a beautiful, natural smile and regain functionality!